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rpgame_pimp's Journal

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If you're wondering why this community was made, it's because I, the mod, was rather annoyed at the fact that there was no open forum for this kind of thing. Oh, you can go to bad_rpers_suck or good_rpers_rule or any number of bitching communities to comment on games, but there's really no place to just go


This is my game, this is what it's about... you interested?

Pimping of games or comms in general is frowned upon or if not, considered mildly annoying but I think it's important. Games are like anything else; you pitch them to the kind of player you're looking for.

So, I started this comm.

Game masters or game mods of starting/existing games are welcome to come here and post about their games, listing the kind of players they're looking for and about the game itself. The point is both to sell the game to the right kind of player as well as to warn off players who are looking for something different in a game from heading for yours. Players can respond to the post and discuss and hey... find a game they'd fit in.

Players are welcome to post and mention things they're looking for in a game, or that they're looking to play in a certain 'verse or with certain characters or whatever. And game masters or mods can respond as such.

Think of it like a personal column, only with games.

The only rule?


And by that, I mean no bashing someone for their game or what they're looking for. Different people have different tastes; different people have different priorities in their game play. Certain people click and others don't. Different games have different ideas and different focii. That doesn't make anyone a better or a worse role player and it doesn't make a game good or bad and even if you think it does, that's not what this community is for. Head over to bad_rpers_suck if you want to do that stuff.

The point of this is so that people looking for games have a place to find them easily, and so that people looking for players can let them know all about their game and why they might want to join. Word of mouth is great for spreading news of a game, but sometimes it's fun just to see who shows up.


This community is for all sorts of games. It doesn't have to be an LJ-based game or even an online game. Feel free to advertise for players/games for LARPS or meet ups or table-top games. All of that is perfectly fine.

At the moment, posts are unmoderated. I will, however, go through and delete any post I think is wanky or flamey or that doesn't conform to the point of this community. By joining the comm, you agree that any content you put onto this community is subject to deletion at my discretion.

If people are wanky and flamey enough, however, I'll switch to moderated posts... which will slow things up a little, but not much. I read fast. That being said, I hope that never happens.

Basic Format for a Pimp (Game)

Name of Game:
Location of Game: If it's a physical location "Oceanside, NY", list that. If it's an online game, list the URL.
Fandom/Game System/Set up: If it's set in the Firefly 'verse, say so here. If you're going to be using the Vampire: The Masquerade system, say so here. If it's an original character game set in a remote mountain village, say so here. If it's a pan fandom game set on the moon, say so here.
Tone/Mood: If you're looking for comedy, state it here. If it's going to be a more serious RP, state it here. If you have no preference or want to see what the players come up with, leave this blank or put "Misc" or N/A.
Pace: Is it realtime? Can conversation take place over a period of a few RL weeks? Can things be gametimed (as in, things can happen at the same time and still count), or are you very strict on events happening realistically in the chronological sense?
Adult Content: Do you want it? What kind? Is it strictly prohibited? Is your game centered around it? What's acceptable and what's not acceptable. List that here.
Qualifications: If you're a grammar nazi, say so here. If you only want players over the age of 18 or 21, say so here. If you're looking for someone with an indepth knowledge of this that or the other thing, this is the place to put it.
Pimp Your Game: Here's the meat of the post - what's your game all about? What are you as the mod or the GM going to do that would mean someone wants to play here? This is the part where you can spout off about game ideas, gamer philosophies, and whatever else you want. Tell us about your setting and your plot and your NPCs and your ideas and anything else you can think of that shows off what your game is and what it isn't. Take as much or as little time as you like with this bit; it's the most important.

Feel free to include what you like in your pimp; these are just some ideas so that people can find what they're looking for. Just remember:


It's the best way to get what you want.

Basic Format for a Pimp (Player)

I'm not giving you one. They can be as complete or as simple as you like.